Jan 19, 2010

Two opposite articles side by side

Two articles side by side, each saying the exact opposite. Makes me scratch my head...

Kikar Shabbos has two articles about haredim working. One discusses the possibility of haredim being given jobs in Jerusalem as inspectors in haredi neighborhoods. The idea is that they can be sensitive to the residents needs and lifestyles while doing their work supervising the cleanliness and city workers and other aspects of the neighborhood. The City Councilman behind the idea uses Egged as his example of how this can work - Egged over the past few years has hired and trained a number of haredim to become bus drivers, and the community has responded well to it.

The second article talks about how Superbus has offered the haredi community to take training courses to be bus drivers, good salary and benefits, a work situation that allows them to not compromise their lifestyle, etc. Yet they have not been taking advantage of the offer. They say some areas, like Elad, have a good response to these offers, but in other areas like Modiin Ilit the community has not stepped up. They think the reason is because of a bad stigma of being a "wagon driver".

Whatever the reason is, and maybe it is simply the terms not being goood enough (despite Superbus saying they are) or other reasons, it is funny that in one article Egged and haredi bus drivers are used as a good example of how haredim would be happy to work within the haredi communities, and in the second article the haredim are refusing the same types of jobs.


  1. Because Superbus operates in Modiin Illit.
    Noone would dream of doing anything but learning all day.
    No financial considerations allowed.

  2. Unfortunately there is definitely a feeling in Modiin Elite of "elitism"; and because the bus drivers have until now been arabs, it is seen by most as "beneath their dignity". It's a great shame because there are many people who could make an honest living out of it, but try getting kids into BY/cheder/yeshiva and owning up to being a bus driver . . .

    Basically - most of the problems of the hareidi world in a nutshell!


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