Jan 27, 2010

Flash mob in JerusalemTaglit (video)

I must say, Jewish flash mobs are so pathetic, yet they are still fun and funny...


  1. the nbn chanukah flash mob video was way better!

  2. yeah but did you notice many of the dancers were clearly not Jewish!

  3. Are they singing "My Shuwarma?!" (ROTFLOL!)

  4. Very cute. would have been even cooler if they had sung a song that was a little more meaningful, such as Am Yisrael Chai etc....

    To Anonymous : I'm very impressed that you can see on a video clip who is 'clearly' not Jewish. What a talent!

  5. i agree with the first anon. NBN's was way better done. Maybe it's because they had more of an open space to do it in and it was daylight. They also had pros filming it.

  6. So... Mamilla mall and the Midrachov are the only places to have a flashmob in Israel?

    Find a new location people!!!!


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