Jan 17, 2010

Quote of the Day (qotd)

The one ruling in Israel is an idiot and is crazy. And he has a foreign minister who has spoken about attacking Iran with an atom bomb.

--- - Kuwait Foreign Minister Mohhamed A-Sabah


  1. Rafi, why do you write QUOTD after Quote of the Day? What's the point of an acronym if you never use it alone?

  2. Good question, though it has been asked before. I keep it there because in my mind I will use only the acronym one day and drop the full text. But whenever I keep thinking about actually doing it, I think there might be new readers who will not know what it means... one day..

  3. pfffffffffffff

    And re the ramat beit shemesher's (can u say it like that when your not abbreviating it?) question, I had the same for so so long. Thanks for answerin :)


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