Jan 21, 2010

Quote of the Day (qotd)

This is a party that just for the jobs is willing to go sit with the Reform. What will come of it for the Jewish people? Education? Aliyah?
I couldn't believe this could happen. It seems that jobs are more important than the most important aspect of religious Judaism, the holy Torah. Today I am embarrassed to be a Haredi MK.
I am for dialog, between all sectors of the population. But this is a group that I will not sit with under any circumstances, and that is the Reform and Conservative. They tear the Torah to shreds.

---- MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ)

Shas responded that they follow their rav, Rav Ovadia Yosef, who weighed the considerations and decided to allow them to join the WOrld Zionist Organization, and attacked Gafni in return for speaking against gedolei yisrael (Rav Ovadia in this case), and has subsequently announced they are cutting ties with Gafni.

I wonder if because fo Gafni's chutzpa, which has enraged Shas, if that will endanger UTJ's attempts to get a haredi Chief Rabbi elected for Jerusalem. They had a good chance of succeeding, because of their natural alliance with Shas. Now that Shas is upset with them, and now that Shas is goign to be working closer with the Dati Leumi (as part of WZO), I wonder if Shas will line up with the [formerly] Mafdal and vote for the DL candidate...


  1. Hold on - isn't Gafni sitting with reform, conservative, secular, goyim and everything in between, every time he sits in the knesset? Something's wrong here. Disagree if you like with joining a zionist lobby but don't blame it on the reform and conservatives.

  2. interesting point (which was the basis for the statement by Rav Elyashiv last week that if the knesset is a beis minim they would not be allowed to participate..)

    I think Gafni would respond, and I think that he did, that the knesset is the general population, but not representatives of reform and conservative he said he would sit with anybody but not R and C. In the knesset he would say he is sitting with general people.

  3. Doesn't he realize how much money has come into the country at the hands of reform and conservative Jews? The same money that goes to the government to pay their bills so they don't have to work like everyone else in the world?

  4. "Today I am embarrassed to be a Haredi MK."
    Too bad he's not embarrassed more often. What does he know about Torah anyway? He stood by and did nothing during the disengagement- even as charedim were protesting against it. He started a campaign to make it easier to give the Golan to terrorsists. And he's lecturing gedolei yisroel on frumkeit?


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