Jan 26, 2010

Interesting Posts #132

1. Yachdus on Beis Din adjudicating disputes impartially

2. Pesky Settler has a story of how the internet is used for good...

3. G6 has posted about the Breuers bris menorah..

4. Investing for your future...

5. The best part of being unemployed is...

6. According to Jameel, Obama is considering raising the Child Tax Credit to $2000. Now let's see who doesn't like Prez Obama!

7. Will Israel have a smoke-free town...Rabbi Riskin is working on it...

8. Remember when Prez Abbas of the PA announced his coming resignation and everybody shed crocodile tears as if his resignation would cause such a disaster? Well it seems that that was only the English announcement because according to EoZ, in a recent Arabic announcement he declared himself Prez for Life. Viva le Abbas!


  1. According to #8, there would seem to be only one way for him to be out of the pesky way!

  2. Thanks, once again, for the linkage!
    Always appreciated.

  3. #6, when you are unemployed because the banks took away your lines of credit, and you can't afford the mortgage, the kid tax relief is a red herring.

  4. Shaya - thats as perfect a time as any to move to Israel!


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