Jan 28, 2010

signing a petition in RBS

I was walking home from a meeting yesterday, when a short elderly Russian lady approaches me.

She is waving a paper at me, and I figure she either needs directions or is soliciting donations. I take a look at the paper and she starts to explain at the same time. Interestingly enough the paper was written in English, and I had expected Hebrew - she must know the neighborhood.

All she was doing was collecting signatures on a petition to stop the Chinese from abusing, oppressing and killing the Falun Gong.

While human rights are important anywhere in the world, I was a bit surprised. I had not expected this at all. As I signed the petition, I asked her if she thinks this will help. After all, what do the Chinese care about our signatures? She said of course they care, as how can they ignore a hundred million signatures? I said they can ignore a hundred million because they have over a billion of their own!

I signed the petition and wished her luck.

Of all the petitions I could have thought of that would be solicited around RBS, this is one I had not expected!


  1. Earn money from home...January 31, 2010 12:11 PM

    Rafi, The Falun Gong is a cult. Check out the facts before you sign anything.

  2. just because they are a cult doesnt mean the Chinese should be allowed to kill them out.
    Though I dont really care much for the Chinese or the Falun Gong, so I don;t really care if they kill them or not, but as humans it seems wrong.


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