Jan 25, 2010


wow. I dont remember it being this cold in a long time.....


  1. wait till later this week it will remind you of winter in the old country (almost). let's pray for snow!

  2. Cold here is different then in the old country. It is above freezing, but the houses just don't stay warm, so you are always chilled.

    Chilled out with the rest of Israel

  3. anon - they are expecting it to get that cold?

    elliot - true, but last night and early this morning it was pretty cold outside, with a brisk wind...

  4. Sorry to disillusion you but unless you are thinking of going up near Hermon, there'll be no snow this year, according to weather reports. By Shabbat it's supposed to be "warmer than normal for the time of year"!


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