Jan 12, 2010

haredi site traffic down or up

I logged in yesterday evening to see if there were any news updates on the haredi news site Kikar Shabbos.
To my surprise, the site was down with a big notice (below). Before I read it the thought crossed my mind that perhaps they finally caved to the cherem.

Then I read the notice, and it turns out the opposite is the case. They say they have had so much traffic they decided to add more servers. The site was down for maintenance and would be back up shortly. Perhaps because some other sites closed down, the surfers of haredi sites have all converged on the remaining few and have increased their traffic.


  1. Kol hakovod just I like said the issur on the internet is having the opposite of their desired effect that the askanim wanted more people are curious to see what the internet is all about. Rafi is your readership up as well?

    Hatzlacha in everything!!!


  2. it actually is up recently, but I don't claim Life in Israel to be a haredi website. And it is a blog, not a news site like the other websites...


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