Jan 31, 2010

Interesting Posts #134

1. G6 has posted the recipe for Gruenkern Soup. Now I just need to find out what can be used as an alternative to gruenkern kernels that is more readily available.

2. Going Home on missing being a shul rabbi...

3. Parshablog comments on the news item of the IDF creating socks that can be worn for 2 weeks straight. My kids have been working on this for years already....

4. Lost in Kollel has a post about an outrageous statement made by a school administrator during tuition negotiations with a kollel guy. The administrator basically told the guy he should leave kollel and find a job in order to be able to pay tuition. I agree with the point made by "Lost" that it is important to have diversity and solutions need to be found so kollel families can continue sending their kids to school - and the solutions need not be leave kollel, but he makes a very general statement that is just as outrageous - he says "Kollel families generally are of a higher caliber".
Everybody has their own problems. Yes, non-kollel families have issues with too much exposure, sometimes, to the outside world, and sometimes that leads to problems. But kollel guys have other problems, perhaps too little exposure to the outside world which makes them react to the extreme when they are exposed, perhaps frequent financial difficulties (not limited to kollel families but perhaps more common among them) weighs heavily on the family and affect the childs ability to concentrate, etc. that lead to kids having problems as well. Just the problems are different.

5. Casspi the King announces Omri Casspi will be playing in the NBA Rookie All-Star game..

6. On the Main Line has a picture of a besheiteled woman from 1880... nothing like todays styles... They say styles are cyclical. I wonder when this one will make its return...


  1. Rafi, I need your assistance.

    You have posted a link to an article attributing it to GOING HOME. Maybe you are not aware but:

    I wrote once before that GOING HOME is also the name of my blog (the REAL name if you check the 'real address'). The other one is "making aliya".

    Perhaps you could make a distinction between us because my blog was started in 2007 and the other one, using the same name, only began in 2009 which seems an unfair copy of my name.

    However, I don't think there is anything I can do about it (and don't want to cause a riff). But you could make the distinction so people don't think we are one and the same. If you ever link to one of my posts, please call it "Going Home Habayitah" OR in some other way, i.e., "Neshama of Going Home". Would most appreciate it.

  2. I remember you pointed it out. but his blog title is very long so I like to cut it short. When I have linked to yours I think I wrote Going Home to Yerushalayim

  3. Thank you for responding. Maybe:

    Going Home Aliya
    Going Home to Yerushalayim

    You can understand how it would be confusing to some. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks Rafi -- I never would have seen the Kollel Guy post without you.

    The Rambam must have had a terrible, low quality family, since he worked for a living.

  5. my pleasure Jameel. now get back to your low quality life.


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