Jan 17, 2010

Better late than never

10 months ago, I submitted a proposal for a new law in Israel.

New Member of Knesset Danny Danon (Likud) had created a great feature on his website in which he called upon people to submit suggestions for laws, and he would evaluate their worthiness and consider actually proposing them in Knesset.

At the time I submitted a proposal for a law that would require the train authorities to inform the passengers of their rights to compensation when the train arrives late.

After submitting the proposal, I had not heard any response and was disappointed. At the time I figured they were probably swamped with proposals, considering it was something never previously done. Eventually, I forgot about it.

On Friday, 10 months after my submission, I finally received a response. I am actually surprised they still had my name in the system...

Danon's response to me said, "Hi, Rafi. Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions that we received via the website, we could not respond to your submission properly. We are currently in a process of improving the system of response to the public. We are confident that if you turn to us again in the future, your request will be responded to in the manner befitting it...."

It's nice to get a response, and better late than never...


  1. Don't think this was a personal response.

    It looks automated to me.

  2. It did not say if he would propose it or not

  3. Kind of ironic. Do you think you will get compensation for tardiness of the response to an inquiry regarding a law concerning getting compensation for the tardiness of trains?

  4. This reminds me of the old shoe joke:

    A guy is cleaning out his closet and finds a ticket for a shoe repair order from 10 years earlier that he had forgotten.

    He takes a chance and goes to the shoe man and hands him the ticket.

    The guy goes in back, comes out after a few minutes and says..they'll be ready on Tuesday!

  5. I can't believe it took them ten months to send that response.


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