Jan 21, 2010

El Al is such a safe airline because...

After the recent attempted terror attack by a Nigerian on an airplane over Detroit, America flipped out about airline security. The methods employed by US airlines was compared to the methods employed by the Israelis. Who didn't see the videos of the Israelis explaining how the Israeli system works looking for suspicious activity rather than screening random people or targeting specific items (like drinks). And who had not read the articles that spread virally discussing, ad nauseum, the same issues.

It turns out that that was all a bluff. That is not why the Israeli airlines are so safe. It's got nothing to do with the specific security measures employed by the Israeli airlines.

The new director of El Al went to meet with Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Rav Kanievsky gave him a bracha, and they sat and discussed various aspects of kashrut and hilchos shabbos relevant to the airlines and flights.

During the conversation, Rav Kanievsky stated, and repeated, that it is clear that the reason they enjoy such a level of safety is because they are protected extra because El Al keeps shabbos. (source: Kikar Shabbos)


  1. Kupa Shel Vaad Rabbonei Ha'irJanuary 21, 2010 1:03 PM

    Did he donate to Kupat Ha"ir while he was there...that will insure total protection

  2. Joe in AustraliaJanuary 21, 2010 3:08 PM

    At least El Al is safe from attacks on Shabbos ...

  3. This doesn't make sense.

    What wrong is there in any other airline flying on shabbos?

  4. who said there is anything wrong with non-jewish airlines flying on shabbos. Perhaps the reasopn El Al is safer by keeping shabbos is because they have the challenge of shabbos and have succeeded in overcoming the challenge.

  5. When I think about how easily some of these attempts got onto other airlines, and how inept the terrorists were to carry out their plans, I am sure that there are other zechusim out there too.


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