Jan 25, 2010

a segula that miraculously did not work

A segula that did not work, is now being called a miracle.

Rav Yisrael Yaakv Fisher, aka Dayan Fisher, ztl, was big into providing segulas for pregnant women who were having problems. And of all the different segulas an rabbis who gave out segulas, people swore by Dayan Fishers segulas and considered him a master at these things, despite his not being sfardi.

Kikar reports that one of Dayan Fishers segulas was tested recently, and it didn't work. But they then found out that it was a miracle it didnt work.

The situation was that a woman was told her baby was breach. Being that she was already in her 9th month of pregnancy, it had to be turned quickly. Instead of hoping for it to turn on its own and instead of having the doctor force the baby to turn, they decide they would first try Dayan Fisher's segula.

The segula for getting a baby to turn is to go to the Sataf (a spring near Ein Kerem) and to drink water from the spring, passing the water first from the husband to the wife (note: before you rely on this, get the exact details of what needs to be done).

Rav Fisher swore by this segula saying it always worked and he promised it would always work. The only time it would not work is if the umbilical cord was wrapped around the babies neck.

Sure enough, his couple with the breach baby went to Sataf and performed the segula.

When they went back to the doctor, they found out the baby was still breach, meaning the segula had not worked.

As they were preparing for the doctors appointment for the baby to be physically turned, they went through some monitoring and ultrasound tests. After the results came back that all is ok and they can go for the procedure, the husband asked the technician to please check again to make sure the cord is not wrapped around the neck. She agreed and checked it again. After calling in a doctor, they realized the cord was wrapped around the neck.

Had the baby turned, the baby would have died. The segula did not work because the cord was around the neck and the miracle saved the baby.

They performed a c-section and the baby was BH healthy.

Miraculously in this case the segula did not work! Mazel tov!


  1. EMERGENCY! We can't think of a campaign!January 25, 2010 1:30 PM

    Wouldn't have been easier to give to Kupat Ha'ir?

  2. I don't think the kupah gathers full statistics, only publishes positive anecdotes. So for life and death I wouldn't rely on it....

    This story is incredible. Thanks for posting.

  3. Wow...
    I'm a skeptic, but THIS is a segulah I'd try!

  4. Okay. I'm dense. Why is a segulah that worked exactly as it was supposed to(doesn't work if cord is wrapped around the baby's neck)miraculous? Doctors make mistakes about what they see on sonnegrams all the time.

  5. you mean because it has a built in failsafe in case of a cord around the neck it is just doing what it is meant to do?
    true. but isnt that miraculous? a segulah that turns the baby but doesnt when it realizes somehow that it would be dangerous to do so?

  6. Another segulah for a breach baby is to check your sefarim on your bookcases, you may find one is upside down.

  7. ah, but does this have the failsafe in case of the cord being wrapped around (chas vshalom)?

  8. I heard of the one Devorah posted. I never heard of this one. Interesting story, though.

  9. That happened with me one time.
    I was not feeling well and thought that I might have cancer. And mine Rebbe Der Hailerdika Badonkadonker Rebbe Gave me A bracha that I shouldn't have cancer. Bi'Kitzur turns out that I did but it was caught early so it was like I didn't. Dus iz Azuy Nisim Vi'Niflaious


  10. Why is a segulah that worked exactly as it was supposed to(doesn't work if cord is wrapped around the baby's neck)miraculous?

    Because the father believed in the segula, and therefore believed (or at least suspected) why it didn't work - so before the manual procedure to turn the baby, he requested that they check the sonogram again "that the cord isn't around the neck."

  11. I am astonished that so many, seemingly intelligent people here, believe this as reported.

  12. Why not? It's a lot less harmful than believing in the latest dybbuk report ;-)

  13. This is a very famous segula from rav Fisher zt"l. OTOH, everyone knows someone who it didn't work on. Over 20 years ago I remember someone telling me that it didn't work on his wife. She called the Fisher house and the rebbetzin answered. The Rebbetzin couldn't believe it wouldn't work and asked if she kept shabbos. She said that only once did she hear of it not working and that was by a mechallel shabbos.

    The accepted answer is that the baby turned around by itself and the segula reversed it again - i.e. backwards.

  14. baby turned twice? That is way out! wouldn't she feel that much movement?


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