Jan 21, 2010

more yeshiva boys drug smuggling

Oy. If you thought the drug smuggling ring to Japan was a one-time affair with unknowing yeshiva bachurim just trying to help out a fellow haredi who duped them, think again.

The police just arrested 18 yeshiva bachurim in Jerusalem for running a drug smuggling ring.

The article gives no details of what type of yeshiva bachurim they are, and there is a very wide range of types of yeshivas. Perhaps they are hassidic? Litvishe? Maybe they are part of one of the yeshivas that deal with boys who have drug problems?

So, while this can't paint a bad picture for all yeshiva guys, it is still unsettling.


  1. The main thing they are is American. Many a problematic (not fitting the system) young man is sent to Israel to learn. Unfortunately they bring their troubles with them. (For some being out of their environment works well.)

    I know there was a small group from Mir arrested a few weeks ago, this may be the report of that or perhaps using info from them they widened the targets. However I've heard of such things from various types of yeshivas.

  2. My Rav Told Me SoJanuary 21, 2010 1:09 PM

    I wish people would stop making up these false accusations against Charedim.

    I will repeat there is no:
    child abuse
    money laundering
    drug running
    ponzi schemes

    in the charedi community. That is why there is no cover ups either on the part of the leaders because you can't cover up what isn't there.


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