Jun 15, 2009

Govt minister in Bet Shemesh

Bet Shemesh was honored today with a visit from a government minister. We are still, despite the progress BS has made in the past 15 years, a pretty backwater town, and such visits are rare and usually only happen right before elections.

RBS Gimmel - I do not know if that should be called RBS C, RBS 3, RBS G (RBS G seems wrong to me, but that seems to be the English acronym taking hold) or whatever - is on the slate. Everyone is fighting over how to divide it up so deals can be signed and construction can begin to get under way (infrastructure first).

So today, Ariel Attias - Minister of Housing and Construction - came to Bet Shemesh to see for himself the area under discussion, and to discuss it further with the mayor and council people.

The debates and fights will go on for the next few weeks until a decision is made, and probably for a long time after that, but at least it is being taken seriously enough that a government minister felt the need to come out and see the situation firsthand.


  1. Definitely RBS C.

    If it's RBS G then the neighbourhoods which come after it (there are meant to me more) will be RBS D, H, V and Z and I don't know what will come after that...

  2. In the picture, the security men look like clones of each other, no?

  3. its probably called RBS G, for a reason. did you vote Gimmel?

  4. He didn't come to see teh situation. He came because he wants to help create charedi housing on that land--and destroy the Bet Natif park in the process. The fight going on is because as it is, Bet Shemesh is lacking in infrastructure, roads, playgrounds etc. Adding poorly planned low income housing specified for charedim will only create more tension and less quality of life for the rest of the BS population.


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