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Jul 13, 2009

Anna Kournikova is NOT Jewish

I don't know if there is any significance to this (don't know why there would be), and I had not previously heard rumors that she was, but Anna Kournikova, former Russian tennis star, has stated clearly that she is not Jewish.

The Washington Times reports that a photographer said "Mazel tov" to Kournikova, after she supposedly got engaged. Kournikova responded immediately that she is not Jewish and pointed out that she is wearing a cross.

When freelance photographer Carrie Devorah congratulated Miss Kournikova with the common Hebrew/Yiddish expression "mazel tov," the Russian beauty asked what that meant. When the photog explained it means congratulations and good luck, Miss K, according to Ms. Devorah, snapped, "I am not Jewish - can't you see my cross?"

When apprised of the tennis player's retort, a worried-looking Mark Ein, owner of the Kastles, declined to comment, saying he hadn't heard the reported exchange.

I guess her name has to be removed from the shidduch lists... (both because she is now engaged and because she is not Jewish).


  1. You mean she's not Russian anymore?

  2. lol. I guess she is still Russian, just not a tennis star....


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