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Jul 6, 2009

Interesting Posts #36

1. Ezzie writes about the R' Doron Beckerman piece in Cross Currents. the discussion continues into the comments section, with R' Beckerman clarifying his stance.

2. Hadassah posts part 5 in her "Why I moved to Israel" series...

3. Rabbi Horowitz again on the shabbos protests... Rabbi Horowitz calls on the public to protest the chillul hashem of the type of protests that give the rest of frum jewry a bad name, by writing letters to the jpost and haaretz - he offers you the text of the email..

4. Happyduck woke up and found tznius brochures in her mailbox.

5. The Gan Eden Tracker for the iPhone is being revealed here!

6. Good news from Israel has the picture of the Worlds Longest Cucumber - grown right here in Israel!

7. The Jewish Worker says the Eida is clearly becoming more Zionist...

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