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Jul 15, 2009

Interesting Posts #43

1. There is an interesting discussion going on over at DovBear on a guest post by Hadassah Sabo Milner. The topic is a single mother having a child by sperm donation.

2. Mimi, at the Israeli Kitchen, walked through Jerusalem noting the ancient and the new.

3. Frozen Politics comments on how the Palestinian News Agency recently reported on the major car accident outside of Bet Shemesh.

4. At Shearim, Miriam Woelke discusses how Baalei Teshuva should accomplish fitting in to the society they are trying to integrate into, and should not think they know everything after just a short period of learning..

5. Food is always important to Jews, so welcome the Kosher Kook to the blogosphere, even though his first post is on eggplant....

6. Parshablog points out a Ran that argues on a midrash, which would render himself an apikores according to an earlier opinion of the Ran himself. interesting discussion to consider.


  1. Thank you for linking to Israeli Kitchen. It's nice to know folks are reading it out there!

    Funny, but I was just about to post about an eggplant soup...


  2. Rafi, thank you so much for featuring Hubby-the-Chef's new blog, The Kosher Kook, on your 'interesting posts' post!
    That is very kind of you. I now have to send him the link to Israeli Kitchen (eggplant soup? never thought of it!)


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