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Jul 16, 2009

An era has passed

There will no longer be a Sears Tower in Chicago. they are not tearing it down, but they have sold the rights to the name.

Corporate America has spoken (though the original name was also corporate America, just it became "the name" and stayed even after Sears left) and the rights to the buildings name have been sold. The new name of the tower will be Willis Tower, as Willis Holdings Group purchased the right to the name as part of their deal to lease space and move offices in to the tower.

An era has passed, and the Sears Tower is no longer.


  1. wimpy chicagoians. you people are all wimps! i guarantee you the empire state will never be sold. wimps!

  2. Hey Rafi. I'm sorry, but I think you made a mistake in your reporting this story. The new name of the building is the "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis Tower"

  3. Thank you Mayor Daley for making our city even more of a sell out.

    As a native Chicagoan serving abroad in the US Navy, my fellow shipmates from Chicago and I feel a bitter sadness today as we mourn the loss of our citys heritage from overseas...

  4. Alex - is it Mayor Daley's fault? The Sears Tower is a private concern...

  5. Ira, my thoughts exactly. I'm sure many people will continue to call it the Sears Tower for years. In Toronto, the famous Skydome is now called the Rogers Centre. Not by me.

    Whathisname: The Empire State Building is not named for the corporation that owns it. It's named for the state of NY. So the the name is not likely to change because of the heritage associated with it, but it most certainly can be sold. It has shareholders and any one of them can sell their interest to someone else.


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