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Jul 14, 2009

Interesting Posts #42

1. Joe Settler, posting at the Muqata, calls for a retaliatory boycott of all Scotch Whiskeys produced in the UK. I have no problem with this, as I think bourbons are better drinks anyway than scotch whiskeys.

2. In an article appropriate for the "Three Weeks", Rabbi Ari Enkin discusses some of the customs of mourning and Zecher L'Churban.

3. New blog Tzedek-Tzedek describes some of the obligations you have to your household help.

4. A Simple Jew talks about accepting compliments..

5. Treppenwitz discusses the provocation of praying at holy sites, as per the four Breslavers who snuck into the grave of Yehoshua bin Nun last night and got attacked....


  1. Rafi - I followed your lead to tzedek-tzedek. I see it's David Morris' project, so I'm sure it will be well worth following!

  2. We can argue Chareidi vs. MO. We can argue Yankees vs. Mets. But we cannot, lulei demistafina, argue bourbon vs. Scotch.

    How can you deny yourself the savory zest of a peaty single malt?


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