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Jul 13, 2009

new segulah for a shidduch

Rav Dovid Batzri, one of the great kabbalists of the day (however they are measured), has let us in on a the secret of a new segulah.

If a girl wants to get married, what she should do, Rav Batzri is quoted as saying, is go out on the first date with a guy and make a commitment that she will have 12 children.

My questions:
1. Why limit it to 12?
2. What happens if she does not want to marry that guy - and she dates a second guy and makes another commitment - does she have to have 24 children?

There are other interesting quotes in the article, so go read the whole thing....


  1. I find this very disturbing. The issue of birth control and halacha is one of the few areas in which people go to their own Rabbonim for hadracha and psak. Even those who are machmir (R Moshe) don't expect women to have a certain number of children per se. Does R Batzri want women not to nurse in order that they acheive the magic number? (After all he was speaking to older single women who already may have misses out on some of their childbearing potential)
    I think that kind of talk around the simple-minded people who attend these things is quite dangerous.

  2. So it's like, 'I'll have the salad bulgarite, and a diet coke...and twelve children'?

  3. Why is he great ? No books. Cause he has a press agent.?

  4. I have more to say, but must ask my rabbi first.

  5. I also find this disturbing. No one can predict how many children they will have, or if in fact they will have children at all. How many couples are there out there, who can't have children, some after years of complex fertility treatment as well? Having a child is not like having a coke, or a burger. When one thinks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who had no children, it just emphasizes what I am saying.

  6. Smullen - I would guess all she has to do is try. it is not in her hands to fulfill


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