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Jul 21, 2009

Revoking citizenship

When Israel considered stripping Israeli Arabs of their citizenship because they assisted terrorists, there was an outcry about "human rights", "Judaization" and more.

Yet Jordan goes ahead and begins stripping Palestinians of their citizenship of Jordan, not being done for any valid reason but just so the Palestinians should not think that is their homeland, without announcing it in advance, without asking anyone, and nobody gives a hoot about human rights or anything else.

If Jordan can do it with no problem, we too should start stripping them of their citizenship - first begin with those assisting terrorists, and then move on to the rest of them. They can retain status of permanent, or temporary, resident, but not citizen. they will enjoy all benefits of the State under the law, but will just not be citizens. It cab be done as a response to terrorism or to encourage them to seek their home in the Palestinian territories or in other Arab countries. Just like what Jordan is doing.

It seems that is the modus operandi in this neighborhood of the world (Egypt has done it as well plenty of times), and no reason for us not to play along.


  1. I commented the same earlier today. No words minced.

  2. I can't believe this story didn't make the headlines in any paper (at least I couldn't find it) except the Jerusalem Post. Why isn't there a world outrage! Taking away citizenship of thousands, if not millions, of people for no reason!

  3. I think you're wrong. Frum yidden too often take this stance. Since when do Jews condone the "modus operandi" of the rest of the world when it comes to the treatment of social undesirables?Jordan is engaging in a form of ethnic cleansing (I say "a form" b/c Jordanians and Palestinians are ethnically indistinct.) If Israel were to do it on a large scale, it would be unmitigated ethnic cleansing. Secondly, there is no problem stripping terrorists of citizenship, but few if any are actually Israeli citizens. A closer logical parallel to what is going on in Jordan would be to revoke Charedi citizenship.

  4. I believe Israel has the right to safeguard its national identity. Israel can begin by revoking Israeli Arabs' citizenships and canceling Arabs' residence permits west of the Jordan River. Arabs can live anywhere but Israel and Israel under no circumstances will allow them the means to exercise the "right of return." It is time for Israel to respond to Jordan's move.

  5. Someone who becomes a citizen of a country, as opposed to being born one, had to make some pledge or affirmation of loyalty to that country.

    I don't know the law, but it would make sense to me that if this person then goes ahead and engages in treasonous activity he should be stripped of his citizenship.

    Why would that be ethnic cleansing? That's just common sense. You said you'd be a loyal citizen, you weren't so we're taking your citizenship away.

  6. Israel should deal with its Arabs the way the Czechs dealt with the Fifth Column German minority after World War II. That is what Meir Kahane proposed - but is it really inhumane? Israel cannot and should not be expected to solve a problem created and maintained by the Arabs as a Trojan Horse to this very day.


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