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Jul 27, 2009

Picture of the Day (potd)

(from the latest Shabbos-parking lot protests)


  1. Bowling for YASAMniks.

  2. I was thinking something more along the lines of a homeless guy being woken up....

  3. "If i hide myself here, i could trip up passing yasmniks.... I can't see them, so they can't see me, right?"

  4. I was actually there at the "riot" this past shabbos, walking with the family from the kotel back to where we were staying in town.

    We sat for a few minutes across from the parking lot to watch the action. It was pretty pathetic. They all did the "shaaaabes... shaaaaabes..." monotonous drone whenever a car came by, and every so often a daring shtreimel would dash into the street to either block the car or taunt a yasamnik, and then run like mad in the other direction. I couldn't decide whether it reminded me of "steal the bacon" or a game of "red rover red rover".

  5. BBS - according to all the news reports, this past shabbos's protests were fairly calm...

    I don't get the stopping cars thing though., doesn't it cause more technical chillul shabbos?

  6. steal the bacon!! BEST GAME EVER! you go blackbeltstep!

  7. Rafi,
    Stopping the car would, in fact, require the Jew driving the car to start driving again. I think you're right. It's just adding more melachah.

    In yeshiva we were always told to be careful on Shabbos when cars stop and someone asks you for directions, due to the melacha issue.


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