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Jul 5, 2009

Friday food orgies

I had the opportunity to partake in, and enjoy, two vastly different barbecues within 11 hours of each other.

One was extremely Israeli style. the second was extremely American style. One was with my running group, as the conclusion of a 50km nighttime relay race. The second was with my softball team, celebrating the conclusion of a successful season in which we finished first in our division.

I never really paid attention before, but American and Israeli eating styles are completely different. It is very noticeable in the settings described above, happening so close to each other making it easy to compare.

The Israeli bbq is very informal, with lots of chummus being slapped all over the pita and meat. Salads are mostly ignored, and lots of watermelon is devoured.

The American bbq is much more formal - eating the hotdogs and burgers on buns with ketchup, mustard, vegetables (onion, pickle, lettuce, etc), etc. We had a watermelon, but we even forgot to take it out and cut it up. Salads were not even present except for the purpose of filling the buns.

Both were great, but they were very different from each other.

Man, was I stuffed after those food orgies.


  1. What?! No toasted marshmallows?!?!?!?!

    Doesn't count!

  2. there were no kids ate either bbq, so no marshmallows needed. guys generally cut out all the extras (as much as possible) to make more room for meat...

  3. Um, I'm a guy and a very carnivorous one at that. Beef hotdogs followed by hamburgers and chicken followed by big slabs of shoulder roast, along with a keg of beer and a good wine at the table. That's besides the salads at the table.

    Then come the toasted marshmallows! But what's killing me is the insistence of the mehadrin marshmallows coming with pink strawberry flavored ones in the bag. Ugh! Though nothing is worse than the yellow banana flavored marshmallows.

  4. We need to organize a campaign against strawberry and banana marshmellows. We recently bought a bag that looked like it was all plain white ones, but much to our shock, horror, and dismay, we found that these white marshmellows tasted like strawberries.

  5. especially because strawberries are prohibited to eat because of all the bugs!!!! :-)

    I happen to think that marshmallows here are generally pretty vile. the pink and yellow ones just make it worse!

    Ban marshmallows!


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