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Jul 23, 2009

Interesting Posts #49

1. JoeSettler has the photo Israel is starting to distribute of Hitler meeting with the mufti of Jerusalem..

2. Jewboy would like to go back to kollel, at least part time, but doesn't understand how the kollel guys he sees manage to get by and their paltry salaries...

3. The Rebbetzin's Husband presents a bunch of "what if" situations, wondering what the reaction would be if these occurred during services in shul. The imagery of these situations definitely makes it an interesting consideration...

4. Go Visit Israel now has a page where you can sign up to receive information by email about new places to visit. They also have a section for "Off the Beaten Track" - basically a recommendation for a nature hike.

5. Hirschel Tzig's friend was raving about the shul in the Hamptons...because it has an unusual mechitza and let him sit next to his wife without feeling guilty...

6. Jameel [also] commented on Rav Aviner's comments regarding the use of mehadrin buses.

7. A Friend of mine started a new blog called Authentic UFOs..


  1. Thanks for the link! The comments to that post have produced much more to think about...

  2. unusual mechitza

    הפורץ גדר ישכנו נחש

    This is simply a case of נוול ברשות התורה. A self-defeating mechitza. Congratulations, Rabbi Schneier!

    My wife and I would likely have walked out, depending on the occasion and circumstances.

  3. There's some great posts there Rafi, nice roundup! :)

  4. If the bus is crowded, get on the next one, take a cab, or walk. We avoid lots of other things for the sake of tzniut, why can't we make this judgement call? And how come these young wild bochurim can't WALK to the kotel when this Old Lady crosses J-lem by foot because she doesn't like buses?


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