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Jul 28, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

[Mofaz].. has no chance. Before he will be elected prime minister, Tzipi Livni will be. Just as [Livni] has no chance to achieve this position, Mofaz has completely no chance.
Mofaz does not understand that in opposition to the talents he talks about, he is an extremely "gray" person. Until today, he has not shown any substantial successes in the political arena.

--- Likud Senior Members

(after Mofaz said he will not be leaving Kadima for Likud despite the passage of the "Mofaz Law", and plans to run for Prime Minister against Benjamin Netanyahu and beat him.)


  1. Why would a party that uses him as the #2 berate him so? Its like the National Republican Party nominated John Mccain, and then saying he will never have a chance of being president. Its just bizarre.

  2. Mofaz is in Kadima, not Likud. Likud is berating him because of his comments about netanyahu.
    He used to be in Likud. And the law is being passed in order to allow him to ditch Kadima and head back to Likud (I really think there is another purpose, but that is a different story)

  3. oh right, my bad. mistook the names.
    what do you think is the other purpose?

  4. to give Netanyahu options for later. When he does something "disengagement-like", and he has a bunch of ministers and MKs threatening him with voting against or bringing down the government, he will wave this law as his fallback and say he has other MKs from othe rparties that are willing to join and help him pass whatever it will be.

    I highly doubt this law is so important he really felt he had to push it so strongly to pass right now, just so Mofaz and friends might consider coming back to the Likud. Are there even positions available for them if they would? What would he and they be made ministers of? I think it is for an unknown future date to be used as fallback.


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