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Jul 13, 2009

Interesting Posts #41

1. Lost in Kollel talks about learning during vacation, and how it indicates a kollel guys real attitude toward learning.

2. Rabbi Landesman writes a piece for Cross-Currents about a group who have basically taken the ultra-orthodox world hostage and is forcing their hashkafas on the community.

3. Coffee and Chemo says there are two types of people in the world....

4. Going Home to Yerushalayim talks about a quote from Rav Elya Svei ztl that this year should be the year of Mashiach.

5. I really like the Go Visit Israel site, and the more I look at it the more interesting things I find there. There is also a blog on the site where people can write about the interesting things they have done or places they have gone, and you cab get ideas for your trips...


  1. Reb Elya was a Litvack who hated messianism, and had Alzheimers and the end of his life. I find it grossly unfair to quote these things.

  2. did he make that statement while he had his Alzheimer? was he not lucid or "with it" when he had his Alzheimer? there are different levels of functioning ability in any illness....

  3. Rav Svei zs'l spoke about these things more than once, and I posted both bits of info I came across. In http://habayitah.blogspot.com/2009/04/moshiach-was-nearly-here.html
    The information was very detailed and I doubt it came from confusion. This is not fair to say this about him. If one thinks about it for even a minute, you can see the wisdom in his words.

    Thanks Rafi

  4. That article about who "controls" chareidim is a pretty pathetic take on chareidim. Basically, he thinks chareidim all blindly follow askanim, fall for all of the askanim's meshugas, and dont realize that not everything in RYSE (replace his name with any Gadol's name) 's name is really directly from his pen.

    No wonder hes not chareidi. If thats what being chareidi was all about, why would anyone want to join the ranks?

  5. Rabbi Landesman's article is a very important read.

    Thanks for the lead.

  6. Neshama: the speech you linked has nothing to do with saying that Moshiach is going to come this year.

  7. As I said there:
    “The sociology of the MO world is fairly uncomplex and will therefore not be a part of this discussion.”

    Yilamdeinu rabbeinu what you mean by this statement, or was it just to say this is not the topic you wish to talk abou

    It is far beyond the scope of this article to try to explain why rabbis permit these handlers to assume the authority that they do.

    Yet this is the key issue to a daas torah community. How can a community that pledges allegiance to daas torah function when daas torah is filtered through others so that the community (unless they choose to ignore it) knows that they are not getting daas torah but daas askonim? How can the bearers of daas torah be all knowing but not know this is happening, and if they know it is happening why do they allow it?


    Comment by joel rich

    I haven't yet received a response.

  8. R d landesman did a hit job on the satmar rebbi a month ago..he also claimed r d swartzman said hallel on yom yerusliam which is not true. (my havrusa was there) btw his wife lives in rbs. They made a wedding a week ago. Mazel tov.

  9. what do you mean "his wife" - are they divorced? (not that it matters, just the way you said it piqued my curiosity)

  10. He also did a hit job on the hazon ish,saying he learned medicin in the local goysha library. Even we litvacs believe in ruach hakodesh....

  11. He works in calif and comes from time to time.

  12. Rafi,

    My good friend Saul just pointed me to your blog. It's nice to have someone do the vetting for you.

    And thanks for your mention in "Interesting Posts #40."



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