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Jul 21, 2009

Will Madonna have a concert in Jerusalem?

Madonna is coming to Israel for the yamim tovim again, and she has been plannign a concert, as she did last time she came.

The various Israeli media websites are talking about the possibility of Madonna (supposedly she is considering it and her agents like the idea) adding another concert to her schedule. The added concert would be in Jerusalem, in Sultan's Pools.

Considering the increasing frequency and violence of the hafganot in Jerusalem, as they get bolder as they see their violence "working", I wonder if we will see threats of violent hafganot if Barkat says he is bring Madonna to Jerusalem, and actual violent hafganot if he goes through with it.

Considering her expertise in kabbalah, perhaps Jerusalem is the most appropriate of places for her!

I would have no problem with her not having a concert in Jerusalem. But if they want to avert it, I prefer they would try doing so through diplomatic means and pressure the mayor politically, rather than with violent hafganot.


  1. Maybe they can use kabbalistic methods of attack rather than physical violence!!

  2. maybe it should be advertised as "Esther - In Concert" and the haredim will never know the better.

    i think sultan's pool is a wise choice. the backup should not be rechov bar ilan.

  3. A wise choice would be the cesspools of Nachal Gichon.

  4. Untrue. Madonna isn't planning to play her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Jerusalem.

  5. First of all I would think צפת would be more appropriate.
    Second of all there isn't much opposition to events geared to the secular population.
    Maddona won't preform in J-m because there is no venue for that sort of thing. Malha is too small.


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