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Jul 26, 2009

Interesting Posts #50

1. Modern Uberdox emailed officials just to tell them that we are not all corrupt. I wonder what they think.

2. Yaak has some comments from Rav Ovadiah Yosef on various situations, including Obama's incessant pressure on Israel and Arabs on Temple Mount.

3. A Bloc of Something Different has the top 10 ways you know it is bein hazmanim..

4. The mother from Meah She'arim being called the "Starving Mother" now has a blog, run by her family and Toldos Aharon, to disseminate what they call the real truth about what happened. It is in Hebrew, but check it out anyway.

5. Jonathan Rosenblum, on Cross-Currents, discusses the phenomenon of American yeshiva boys getting in trouble at hafganot, as they go out for some excitement. While some advocate cutting back on sending boys and girls to Eretz Yisrael for learning after High School, I do not think that is the answer. They will just rebel and get in trouble elsewhere. Rosenblum discusses a different option - teaching them emuna, rather than just thinking they are "good boys".


  1. Rabbi oj lets b.h.o. Have it, but when he approved oslo he said mabe halacha like the sotmar rebbe(we are still under the goym).

  2. ummmm huh?. is the above making sense to anyone, cause it sure isn't to me

  3. Mildly put he changed his mind (rabbi o.j.) harsly put.............

  4. What does "teach emuna" mean? The Yeshiva world focuses on musar rather than hashkafa. Would replacing Miseelas Yesharim with Kuzari, Moreh etc.. prevent violence more?


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