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Jul 16, 2009

Go Visit Israel

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As we head into summer vacation, there is this great website you should check out to help plan your vacation. It is called Go Visit Israel.

Click Here!

Whether you are planning a trip to Israel from abroad, or if you live in Israel and are trying to figure out what to do, where to go, what food options are available where you will be going, etc. Go Visit Israel is an amazing site of resources to help you plan all that.

They have great features, like Itinerary recommendations where you can get ideas for specific tours for any part of the country. You can get listings of places to stay, restaurants, activities, etc.

Basically it is a great resource for you to have available when you are trying to plan your vacations schedule. Even if you are not going anywhere, but just want to know what is available in your own region of Israel, Go Visit Israel is an amazing resource.

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  1. Some great stuff there - thanks!

  2. I also recommend visiting Israel apartments rental index - to find short term and cheap vacation and holiday apartments and condos for rent.

  3. Thanks for the info , I also think that every person that did not visited Israel yet , should do it soon .



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