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Jul 28, 2009

The Dead Come Alive

It must be a sign that mashiach is coming.

Just the other day up north a "premee" baby died, and when later being prepared for burial, came "back to life" (the baby had a pulse and was breathing). The baby died, again, shortly after.

Today, in another episode of the dead returning to life, rumors have it that Shlomo Dweck, the informant in the NJ money laundering/organ selling case, has announced he will be going to be menachem aveil his father who is sitting shiva for him.


  1. That would be interesting if dweck would me menachem avol for himself. I read that the father's not really sitting shiva for him.

  2. "he will be going to be menachem aveil his father who is sitting shiva for him."


  3. Eliyahoo William DwekApril 30, 2010 2:32 PM

    Solomon Dwek is a true Kohen. He is a wealthy philanthropist, and a multi-billionaire.

    The men that Solomon Dwek exposed are abhorrent. Solomon Dwek exposed those so-called ‘rabbis’ because of their corruption - and the Avodah Zara in question is Money. What would Solomon Dwek, the generous benefactor of those so-called ‘rabbis’ have had to gain by exposing those men? Use your logic. Even a little child would have been able to work this out.

    Solomon Dwek is to be highly commended for his actions. He has uplifted the commendable principles of hessed and truth. Those so-called ‘rabbis’ were warned by Solomon Dwek 3 times, to clean up their act. They all blatantly refused to do so – three times. Solomon Dwek had no option but to expose those people pretending to be religious, and using the Torah as their cover and cloak as good guys when they are not.

    The Dweks from Aleppo, Syria, ARE the only true Cohanim. You should know that any Lashon haRA – slander - on a true Cohen – is completely Assur.


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