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Jul 12, 2009

A Time for Change

As you can see, I changed my template. There are still things that need adjusting, so be patient.

Overall, I like the new look. Hopefully I'll get all the tweaks finalized in the next few days.

if you have any issues, complaints, requests, put 'em in the comments and I'll see how I can improve it more...


  1. I like the new look.

    The tall, light serif font for the heading is a very clean look - is it Times new Roman or have you chosen something exotic?

  2. I have not played with the fonts yet. this is the default for the template I installed. will be getting to that soon.

    I like the look overall. nice and clean, as you say. just a little tweaking to go.

  3. I like the new look!

  4. B"H

    It looks ok. I maybe want to glean your design for ideas, ok?

    Was it easy to add the additional column? I can't figure out how to do it.

  5. steal whatever you want. I downloaded a whole new template that has three columns and tweaked it. I could not figure out the tutorials for adding a column to my previous template.

  6. I like how it doesnt load so slowly and freeze up the whole ocmputer while it loads.

    Good work !

  7. sounds like a nice side-benefit! I am happy that worked out for you...

  8. I found www.blogdoctor.me which is very helpful. I am also fiddling with the html now.

    I have lost my blog rolls, cuz I didn't think I needed to back that up.

    Then I accidentally hit refresh, and my old template was gone forever.


    So, you may end up being the only one on my blog roll for a while.

  9. I like it, but you need to make your header fit better. Looks like it was just plopped in right now.

  10. you mean because of the dual-colored background?
    I have to tweak that,but I actually thought it looks nice. I had to take out some text and links form there that were blocking the image. will try to fix it

  11. I'm afraid your exclusivity didn't last for very long.

  12. even just for a few minutes, I feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing I am special

  13. "You're good enough, you're smart enough, and dog gone it, people like you! Would you like a hug?"

    Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)


  14. ben Yehuda: some cents of humire!

    Rafi, why did you want this look, as opposed to the other style? I'm curious - what are the benefits?
    Thanks for your reply.

  15. neshama - I really wanted the two columns in n the sidebar. It shortens things, it can make some order, etc. the rest is just extra. The sidebar improvement was the main reason for me to change. Then I just had to find a template with the extra column that looked the best of the choices. I liked this one for its simple and clean look.


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