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Jul 7, 2009

Was it a diversion?

The big talk today, so far, is how Netanyahu folded over the new tax on the vegetables (and the tax on the tourism industry, but people seem less interested in that).

Personally, I think this tax was a diversion. I don't think he ever intended for it to pass. I think he put it out there for the purpose of distracting everybody, especially the MKs, from something else he was trying to pass that he thought might be opposed. By putting out such a ridiculous tax, that he knew his coalition members, if not also his party members, would adamantly oppose, the ended up spending their energies fighting this instead of the "other" item.

I do not know what that other item is, but I see no reason to believe that he really intended this vegetable tax to pass. before the first reading of the bill a few weeks ago, Netanyahu had made a deal with a number of MKs that they should at least let it pass the first reading, and then he would allow them to oppose it. They agreed and di so.

I think he never intended for it to pass, but floated the idea out to divert attention from something else.


  1. You are probably right. Perhaps he'll be able to funnel more funds away from the yeshivas now . . .

  2. Or, seriously, perhaps it's this.

  3. "Personally, I think this tax was a diversion."

    You mean, it was to distract the Iranians?

  4. snoopy - no. that is what Michael Jackson's death was for

  5. Shy Guy could very well be right. Although, I don't think they would need a distraction for that.

    Just have the Israeli media run defense for you, or even ignore it.

  6. the last i heard they were saying he is not caving in....

    were there any updates on this?

  7. The summer of Hurricane Katrina the price of gas jumped. When it hit $1.00/litre people were furious. Many gas stations had to order new signs to accommodate for the extra digit. The price eventually hit $1.20/ litre.

    When the price went down to $1.00/ litre there were line ups at the pumps.

    Not following through on the vegetables (and #moonfruit) is enough to get everyone to accept a tax that probably should have warranted at least some opposition.


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