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Jul 22, 2009

Rav Kanievsky refuses to give a bracha to a murderer

A yeshiva bochur came to Rav Chaim Kanievsky for a bracha. he asked for the bracha to have a successful trial. Rav Kanievsky asked what it is for, and he responded he was in a minor accident - he crashed into a wall, nobody got hurt, but he has no drivers license, and they want to put him in jail.

Rav Kanievsky responded, "So you are a murderer. They should put you in jail!"

The bochur argued a bit, saying he didn't murder anybody, he will drive responsibly, he knows how to drive (funny he should say that when his problem is because of a driving accident), he won't drive without a license, it will hurt his shidduchim options, etc.

Rav Kanievsky brushed him off saying it is not true, and if he drives without a license he cannot say he knows how to drive and if he drives anyway he is a murderer because he could have had an accident involving someone else and should be put in jail. And regarding shidduchim, if he drives without a license, people are right for not wanting him for a shidduch as he is dangerous.
(source: haredim.co.il)



  1. Don't forget the ending, where he says:
    השם יעזור שיגזרו עליך מה שבאמת טוב בשבילך

    (Interestingly, I got the word "blessemu" for Word Verification)

  2. Smart guy that Rav Kanievsky!


  3. Good for the Rav. I wonder if he made a donation to Kupat Ha'ir before asking the Shiloh.


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