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Jul 2, 2009

Israelis and chips - hacking the hack.

Israelis can pretty much hack any new system that comes out on the market. For example, just hours after the new iPhone was recently released, there was already a hack to be able to pout Hebrew on it and to use it in Israel. The same with the previous model - just hours after it was released, it was already usable in Israel due to an Israeli hack.

A friend was just telling me about a system he was looking at buying. The system was limited, but he was told that for only an extra 200 NIS he could buy a "chip" that someone created to hack the system and this would give him all the additional features, instead of buying them separately.

He asked the supplier if that was legal - if he buys it would it be under warranty, would some authority come chasing after him, etc.

The supplier responded that originally it was not legal, but they found a way around that (a loophole in the law?) and now the chip is legal.

They even hacked the law to get the hack on the system recognized! I told my friend that they made a "chip" for the law about the chip.

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