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Jul 28, 2009

Headline of the Day (hotd)

The Concern: Dead Bodies of Hundreds of Cats in the Streets

---- mynet

The "organization for the cats" is concerned that the city plan to install garbage cans that cannot be burned during protests, because they will be sunk into the ground, will have an adverse affect on the stray cats - they will no longer have access to their main source of food - open garbage cans in the street. That will lead to having stray cats all around the streets lying ni their death throes.

Get a life. There are too many strays anyway.


  1. Sounds like a job for Kupat Ha'Ir! Imagine the laminated paper flyers for this at the morning minyan. (Any Photoshoppers want to volunteer?)

  2. I hope PETA doesn't read your blog!!

  3. Marmaduke said...

    I hope PETA doesn't read your blog!!


    Keep an eye out for tabby-colored shtreimels over the next few Shabbatot.

  4. "Get a life"? I think it's the garbage burners who should get a life. The practice is illegal, wasteful, damaging to the environment and to the physical well-being of one's fellow man, as well as, it now turns out, cruel to animals.

    But it must be very frum if it allows them to hurt defenseless animals, right?, Because real Jews hate all animals they can't eat.

  5. shy guy - great solution for the ban on importing furs and no more shtreimels - just use the dead cat fur.

    Truth is, the sight of a bunch of dead cats, or dying carts, in the street could be traumatic, and definitely disgusting.

    But the new cans will hoepfully prevent the idiots from burning, they will be more aesthetic, and stray cats should not be a reason to prevent solutions like this.

  6. I have to say that although I can't stand the stray cats, our neighbor feeds them and we've found 3 dead rats in or near our yard within the past year and a half. This makes me not hate the cats quite so much. Of course I live on a yishuv so that could be the difference. I feel that if there's a purpose for the cats, better to have cats than rats (or mice).


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