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Jul 15, 2009

Maintenance notice

I have been told by a few people that Life in Israel crashes when being viewed in Internet explorer 8.

My first response was that this is just another reason to not use Internet Explorer but to switch to Firefox or to Chrome (or to a Mac).

But some people won't do that, so I tried to find out what was casing it to crash. I found that Blogger has a bug with their "Followers" widget that causes pages to crash in IE8. I only added the Followers widget when I installed my new template, which is when it started crashing for people.

So, assuming that is the cause of the problem, I have removed the Followers widget. If you use IE8, please let me know if it is still crashing or if that solved the problem. Maybe when Blogger fixes the bug I'll put the Followers widget back.


  1. works now. thanks

  2. solved the problem

  3. Your page crashing was only one of the many reasons I switched from IE8 to FireFox a few weeks ago.

    I have been a loyal and patient IE user since Netscape Navigator faded into history. I never felt anything was annoying enough for me to switch from IE.

    That all changed after I upgraded to IE8. Slow as sap, stalled page loads, problems I never had before. Regular browsing became a major time waster.

    I waited for Windows Update to install fixes. They never came. So for the first time in about a decade, I installed another browser.

    FireFox has been running smooth and fast without a hiccup since moment one.

    I'm not going back. What ever for!

  4. I almost completely use firefox for a whiel already. IE is nothing but trouble, and I tested IE8 when it first came out, while it had some nice features, mostly copied from firefox, it was too cumbersome and slow to use.
    Firefox is great and I only use IE when I hit a page that firefox has trouble with (on some hebrew sites with forms is usually the issue)

  5. It's ironic - you use a bug in Blogger to demonstrate why people should stop using IE. The logical solution, actually, would be for you to stop using Blogger, since that is the source of the problem, not IE.

  6. it is only an incompatibility with IE. It works fine in all other browsers. Or just keep using IE7 (or 6) and dont upgrade to 8

  7. Yoni, Rafi said it was "another reason".

    Look around the Internet. I don't recall so many gripes about an IE version like there is now with IE8.

    Hey, if you're happy with it, enjoy!

    (BTW, I am not a habitual MS basher. In fact, I have nothing but praise for the 2 computers I have running Vista, versus my experiences with XP. Now there's a strange fish!).

  8. never crashes on me!

    a die-hard Opera user


  9. SG,

    "Another reason" is still a reason. And I'm not defending IE. My point was if the bug is in Blogger (as Rafi said), then the logical conclusion should be to dump blogger, not IE.

  10. Lo zu, af zu.

  11. B"H

    Thus, the nickname,..."Internet Exploder."

    Come back over from the Dark Side...

    Buy Macintosh!


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