Jan 20, 2010

The real reason for the Internet ban comes out

In yesterdays Yated ne'eman weekly chinamon edition, there was a clear move away from the extremely militant stance they have taken in recent weeks in the haredi fight against the Internet - that the Yated basically spearheaded and ran almost singlehandedly.

Instead of the announcements similar to those of previous weeks in which an issur was stated with threats and no exceptions allowed, this time it spoke about it being assur and like any other question of issur one should consult his rav to find out if and when and how he can use the Internet.

In addition, and perhaps this is the greatest hint as to what is really going on, they posted that the current filter solutions are unacceptable, and they have appointed a team to work on a new filter solution that will allow people who need internet access to have it in a proper and kosher way.

So at the end of the day, all they wanted was just to get into the business. By banning the internet and then releasing it only through them, they have guaranteed themselves a client base for whatever new program these askanim are going to create or support.


  1. No surprise. The rabbis will approve their internet and share the profits.

  2. More likely the askanim (all of whom use internet) are feeling the heat.

  3. I think that their initiative is the correct approach.

    The Internet is a wonderful resource, but also has a lot of evil (pornography, gambling, etc).

    The simplistic approach is to simply ban everything. A more logical approach is to find a solution that allows use of the good aspects of the Internet without placing temptation a few mouse clicks away.

    Internet Rimon is one good solution, if the Charedim want to increase competition for the frum Internet Provider, good luck to them.

  4. DUUHHH!!!!!

    It's always about the $

  5. Behind every ban is some askan's need for revenge, power, or money.

    In this case, Yated was threatened by lost ad revenue, just like all print media today.

    Doubtless, that was the original reason for their instigating the ban.

    Now, however, they've come up with a way of cashing in on it in a new way. Perhaps this new filter will disallow all non-business sites, including those that spread "loshon hora." In other words, it will block Chadrei Cahdarim and similar sites.

    Nice way of maintaining market share, Yated! Why hasn't the New York Times thought of this?

  6. IMO The exposure of inner transgressions to their community was too much. They felt justified to strike back in self defense. However, this is a more of a lesson in Yiras Shomayim for the Yereiim. You cannot mandate yira, it has to be learned.

  7. Rafi,
    I'm shocked, shocked!
    You are a cynical man (or as my coworkers gave a plaque that stated: Sarcasm, just one of the many services I deliver).
    Joel Rich

  8. Joel - cynical? they said it straight out (practically)

  9. Joe, Its Yated being cynical here.

  10. Why say that Yated is being cynical?

    They're just trying to cash in on the ban two ways: One by silencing their competition and Two: by cashing in on a new filter.

  11. David,

    They're cashing in by being cynical.
    Great business plan.


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