Mar 21, 2010

Rav Cherlo on changing the date of Yom Ha'Atzmaut

While the Chief Rabbinate has yet to respond, as far as I know, to the proposal proposed by Professor Weiss, Rav Yuval Cherlo has responded.

Rav Cherlo completely rejects the proposal.

Someone on Moreshet asked Rav Cherlo his opinion about the proposal. Rav Cherlo said "There is no worse proposal for Yom Ha'Atzmaut than this one, in the sense of unifying the people. This is simply a continuation of the disconnection from the State. It will cause a greater tear between us and the secular society, it will uproot Yom Ha'Atzmaut from its religious meaning, and there will probably not be even one Haredi person who will join the celebrations....
It pains me greatly, this trend of disconnecting frmo the State. A number of years ago I thought so,, and it is against the words of Chaza"l about the meaning of "One Nation in the Land", it is against the thanking of Hashem for the State, and obviously it will also achieve nothing."


  1. How does Rav Cherlo's statements not apply to moving Yom Haatzmaut becuase of shabbos (such as is done extremely frequently)?

  2. Yoni I was just thinking of that - the beauty is that the secular state moves its day of celebration (marked by a Hebrew date) in order that there shouldn't be statewide chillul Shabbos.

    I'm sure someone could make a speech about what it means that the day more often than not needs to be moved, but that's not my agenda. For now it's an imperfect world, and B"H those on both sides of the imperfection can work together to celebrate the same day.

  3. Here's a good overview of the issue of moving Yom HaAtzma'ut because of Shabbat.


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