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Dec 7, 2008

Bein Hashmashot - Spiritual Rock (music video)

There is a new rock band playing the circuit that is surprising everybody.

The name of the band is "Bein Hashmashot". I read about them in the paper today, and what is surprising is that they are a religious rock band. that is - religious kids playing rock music. They are playing the circuit in the bars and nightclubs of Tel Aviv, which, according to the paper, has never experienced a group of religious rockers and thei religious followers and fans.

Actually, 3 of the regular members of the band are religious, and two are not. They play content that they describe as "spiritual rock" and "sometimes religious".

Here are a couple of clips from Bein Hashmashot. They definitely have a nice sound, if sometimes kind of folksy....


  1. can you explain that second video - dont get it

  2. Yood is a religious band that plays the clubs, so it isn't *completely* unique.

    And, of course, way back when Shlomo Carlebach played non-religious and non-Jewish venues regularly. ;-)


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