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Dec 16, 2008

It is all up to Hamas

I find it slightly amusing that the discussion in our media and government is all about whether or not Hamas will want to renew the truce agreement when it finishes its life on Friday. It is a big debate, with most professionals holding the opinion that Hamas will not want to renew the agreement.

What is their obligation in the agreement? to not shoot rockets at us.

They have been shooting at us non-stop practically the whole time. When the agreement was first signed there was a period of relative quiet for a few weeks, with just a couple of rockets fired, but the past few weeks have seen tens of rockets raining down on the Gaza border communities (even as far as Ashqelon).

So it is amusing to discuss whether or not they will renew the agreement, when they are not even keeping the agreement while it is in place.

I guess the big decision Hamas is in the process of making is whether they will officially allow Israel the right to retaliate. If they sign an agreement, then Israel will not be allowed to retaliate when Hamas breaks their end of the agreement. If they do not sign, then Israel will be allowed officially to retaliate (not that they will, but they will have the right to)

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