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Dec 18, 2008

praying for rain

We are all aware of the drastic situation we find ourselves in regarding the water level and the fact that we have had a drought for the past few years. Israel's water supplier is even considering to begin cutbacks on water supply to homes intermittently due to the water shortage.

One of the shuls I daven in started saying the prayer for rain a couple of weeks ago. But that was the only shul I have been in that has done so.

I just saw in the Eida Haredis' weekly newsletter of this week an announcement that the Beis Din of the Eida has paskened that people should begin saying the prayer for rain because of the shortage.


  1. Some schools and shuls in Modi'in have been saying Anaynu for a few weeks now, but yesterday for the first time I saw an official announcement from the Rabbanut.

    I posted a copy of the announcement together with the text of Anaynu here:

  2. not relevant to this post but matzav.com quotes you verbatim with no credit given...

  3. thanks. I don't see the specific article, but I am not surprised. it is not the first time (and not just with matzav.com - I have seen my stuff by other sites as well)...
    no big deal, but it would be nice for credit to be given.


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