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Dec 1, 2008

Noam Federman wins his court case against the police...

Noam Federman's house was destroyed a few weeks ago in a terribly destructive act perpetrated by the police. They came in the middle of the night, threw the family out while beating them, and destroyed his home.

The courts decided the police were wrong in the way they went about the eviction. The police then tried to get Federman banned form Judea and Samaria, and the courts denied the request.

Here is a clip, from the news, of Federman responding to the court's decision to allow him to continue living in Hebron, declaring the police's request to ban him as being baseless and unfounded.

"We are the eternal nation. What do they have anyway, all these "leftists"? they have nothing - All they have, is to go to India to tour."


  1. I'm not sure the comment "going to india to tour" is really the best comment to make now. in fact, it will probably kill any good PR he had going from the victory of the court case.

  2. one thing about federman and his ilk is that they are not concerned abotu PRE. for better or worse. They do what is right, in their worldview, and they could care less about anybody who differs.

  3. yea but still... there are sensitivities. All im saying is they could have chosen a different country to talk about like thailand which is also a popular spot for israelis.
    Unless he was b'shita making a point about india, which is also very poor taste.

  4. The line about India was in bad taste, period.

  5. the way you describe it is only half a victory. what about resitution?

  6. Rafi; Since this is the way the police act here in Israel, how can one not automatically see them as inherently corrupt?

  7. LOZ - I dont knwo what Federman's plans are, if he plans to sue the state and police for the damage done or not, but I would say at this stage, one step at a time. This is the first time the court has defended Federman against the police. And he has a long history in the courts with the police.

  8. Jameel - who does not see them as inherently corrupt?

    As my wife says - in the US, we were always taught as kids that the cop is your friend. If you need help, directions, assistance, whatever, you can always go to a cop.
    Here, you are afraid to got to a cop. The cop is the enemy. You start talking to a cop, and he will end up giving you a ticket for something just because you disturbed him, if he does not arrest you.
    If the fear is inherent in the basic law-abiding citizen, it has to be because the cops are corrupt. Otherwise why would the average citizen be afraid of the cops?

  9. I think that's a bit naive that Federman and his "ilk" are above PR.

    In any case, you have to have a heart of rock to knowingly make a reference like that. And an idiot to unknowingly make it.


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