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Dec 28, 2008

The prediction that didn't happen was right

A lot of people were quoting a lot of various rabbonim in the recent months claiming predictions of a war that would be starting during Hanukkah. The most popular one that spread was that quoting Rav Chaim Kanievsky, though it also spread in the names of various other great rabbis. They all denied it, when asked directly if the words attributed to them were actually said by them, and some said to never believe anything said in their names.

So, according to the denials, they did not predict or foretell a war in kislev or Hanukkah time.

So what now?

The war that was not predicted for Hanukkah happened (began) on Hanukkah. The war that was not predicted for Kislev happened in Kislev (albeit the last day of Kislev).

Is it pure chance? Or did one of, or all of, those rabbonim really say it would happen, and only later deny it so it would not be publicized and create some sort of chillul hashem? Did everyone who made up those stories just happen to make them up to happen on a certain date and they just happened to guess correctly in advance?


  1. Wasn't the prediction that we would be in bomb shelters?

  2. This is not a war. How many times in the last 5 years have we read headlines about tanks heading towards 'Aza? How many times has the IAF given a thumpin' to the Arabs?
    But by the next day, it's back to the same old, same old. Israel will be condemned for daring to defend itself. More rockets will fall on Ashdod and Netivot.

  3. TR-
    Many Jews are in bomb shelters. Perhaps you thought that the predictions were meant for you personally.

    Over 200 dead during the first attack (which lasted only a few minutes according to one article I read); troops amassed on the borders, a secret (at the time) meeting at Olmert's home which included the cabinet, speaker Dalia Itzik, Bibi, Lieberman, and Amir Peretz; Barak on major international news outlets defending what we did and what's coming; the government warning that what we've started will likely take weeks, not days; rioting in Israeli-Arab towns. This is not your typical limited "thumpin'".

    However, Israel will be (and has been) condemned for defending itself, and more rockets will (and have) fallen on Ashdod and Netivot, and will probably begin falling in or near Beersheva soon.

  4. True, many Jews are in bomb shelters, but that has been the case for years. The essence of the non-prediction was that more or less the entire country would be in the shelters.

    Time will tell whether it's a thumpin' or an all out war, but for now, a secret meeting doesn't prove anything (I'm sure there are far more than the press reports) and a little bit of the pot boiling over was expected at some point.

  5. I think this is a kvetch, and that this is not fulfillment.

    1) The reason there was a "prediction" for Chanukkah was that there was a similar prediction for Rosh Hashanah, and then for Yom Kippur, and then for Succot. There are people who keep on making up this and that keitz, in accordance with the next Jewish holiday, in turn. Eventually, even by random chance, something will coincide and be kvetched to being a match, and everyone will get all excited.

    2) As told, it was that someone should not make plan a wedding for Chanukkah as we would *all* be in bomb shelters on Chanukkah. The presumption (I would estimate) was early in Chanukkah, not specifically the last day. And I would imagine that such a wedding that was planned, in most instances could still be held.


  6. Actually I think there was a prediction for war..but of a different kind.

    On the walls (and tables) of my shul there are at least 5 different signs with Rav Chaim's picture telling me that if I give to that organization I will receive yeshous,etc.

    So I guess the war is between all of the tzedakos who flash his picture with the promise of salvation if I only give to them.

    Yesterday I also saw "kvitilach" from local organizations imploring me that salvation will come if I give them 180 NIS.

    I would rather give my money to an organization that spends its time and money helping people not spreading Rabbinical "centerfolds" to try and intimidate me to donate.


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