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Dec 24, 2008

making a statement

If I was in her shoes, I would just declare myself as religious and not wanting to go to the army, and get my exemption. But then again, I am a wimp.

Yiska Federman, the daughter of Noam Federman, is due to enlist in the army. Instead of serving or getting her exemption because she is religious, she has decided to announce she refuses to serve because of ideological reasons - "The Army is not my Army!"

Federman knows she will pay a price for this, but as she says, "Until now, only leftists have refused service for reasons of outlook. Now there will be from the right as well. I will not serve in the army, nor in Sherut Leumi, for a state that chases Jews out of Eretz Yisrael and acts against halacha."

(source: NRG)


  1. Let's hope this goes all the way to the Supreme Court and sees a judge with a jurisprudent (unless there is no such word) head on his shoulders, like Rubenstein or his ilk.

  2. If she feels no connection to the country anymore and feels it persecutes Jews, why does she live here? She should exile herself on moral and ethical ground if she is so against the state.

    If she intends to continue to live here because she feels connected to the LAND, then she needs to abides by the law of the people who govern this land. You can't have everything.


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