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Dec 29, 2008

Bet Shemesh can win!

Last night was the deadline for the various parties to submit their final lists of rosters for the Knesset.

Bet Shemesh now has a chance to have not one, but two MKs representing our fine city!

As a result of the [controversial] merger between Effie Eitam's Ach"i party with the Likud, the 39th spot on the Likud list was given to none other than Shalom Lerner.

Lerner at 39 along with Keti Sheetrit at the more realistic spot of #31 can give Bet Shemesh some serious government representation.

Right now the polls show the Likud dropping some seats, and who knows how the war will affect the political map - it looks like Ehud Barak will pick up some spots because of it, but likely to be at the expense of Kadima and not at that expense of the Likud. But there is still a lot of time, and the Likud could bounce back - if you even pay attention to polls anyway...

Add to that the decision of Baruch Marzel and Dov Wolpe to not run as a separate party under the name Eretz Yisrael She'Lanu (they are supporting Ichud Ha'Leumi), and perhaps some of the bleeding of votes will be halted...


  1. What happened with Degel and Aguda? Are they running separately or together?

  2. B"H

    1. Is Lerner part of Ach"i, then?

    2. Who's the other BS resident?

    3. What happens to HaTikvah?

    4. So, far, yeah, it looks like we'll have a lot less wasted votes on the right.

    5. I thought that DHT and AY were in fact running separately. They'll probably have a vote agreement between them, though.

  3. Ben - they came to an agreement at the last minute and are running together.

  4. Thanks.

    So, who is the other BS resident? Someone from UTJ?

  5. Keti Sheetrit (was support by MY, but herself is not a member of MY) is higher up on the Likud list - I think #31


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