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Dec 14, 2008

Shoes thrown at Pres. Bush (video)

I must say, President Bush has got really good reflexes!


  1. Yes, those were good reflexes!
    Pounding on something with your shoe is considered the ultimate insult among Arabs.
    I'm wondering why Pres. Bush's Secret Service men were so slow to jump in and shield him.

  2. I was wondering that too. they probably already checked everybody very thoroughly for weapons or anything dangerous, and just never expected a shoe to be thrown. Also, a shoe is not really a dangerous and lethal object. So while embarrassing perhaps, it was not really life threatening, and they could hardly have been prepared for it. They would probably have been more prepared for the guy to pull out a gun than to whip off his shoes...

  3. ah! he finally found the weapons of mass destruction he's been looking for in iraq!

  4. lol.. that definitely would have applied had he thrown my shoes!


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