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Dec 9, 2008

Great results overall

By now many of you already know, and don't need me to tell you, that it looks like the Likud has packed a great list for Knesset. The final positioning lists are not yet final, but it looks like most Likud primary voters chose to keep the imported leftists off the list (Uzi Dayan and Assaf Hefetz) - actually they are on the list, but in unrealistic spots - down by the 40s. Of course if the Likud wins 45-50 seats, they are in.

The veterans held off the star imports for the most part and won many of the top slots. Good guys who worked hard for the past 3 years during the hard times of the Likud were rewarded by the Likud voters. They deserve it and I applaud Gidon Saar, Gilad Erdan and Moshe Kachlon for their success last night.

Keti Shitreet from Bet Shemesh won spot #33 - the spot reserved for a representative from the Jerusalem regional district. Kol Hakavod to her. I don't expect much from her, as I do not consider her overly savvy. But she has workd hard to succeed in Bet Shemesh, and hopefully she will work hard in the Knesset, and hopefully that will help Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem and Israel. Her spot, #33 is at the edge of realistic as of now. Polls are right now giving the Likud 35 sets. Obviously that can, and will, change by the time elections come around. Hopefully it will change for the better, not the worse. To remind you, Ehud Olmert was only #33 on the Likud list, and he went on to become Prime Minister!

Kol Hakavod for what looks like a developing great list of Knesset members.


  1. How did the people you voted for -- feiglins chevra -- turn out?

  2. you didnt mention feiglin...

  3. this was not a post about Feiglin... that will come. waiting for some more final info...

    Overall the Feiglin people did great. MF himself got the #20 spot. Most of the candidates he supported did extremely well, a couple did not make it.

    more later.

  4. I have a question... if the polls are showing a strong win for likud, and a general national push towards the right, and low ratings for kadima, why is kadima so vehemently pushing the left? If the general attitude is towards the right, wouldn't they want to work harder on getting some right??? it doesnt make sense they are continuing to be so vehemently left, it seems to me that its only going to dig their own grave deeper? am i missing something?

  5. did sackett get in?

  6. Sackett did not get in.

    whats - first of all, it looks like they are very left, Tzipi Livni has been trying recently to portray herself as more right.. she criticized barak for not leading an offensive in Gaza (how come she said nothing the past 3 years?), etc.

    Second, I think they, to a certain extent, have given up on the right wing voter. rthey know they cannot get them, so fight for the left and center.

    Now that the Likud comes out with a fairly right wing list (with touches of left to balance it a bit), Livni and Kadima will make a push for the more right-center voter...

  7. Personally, I'm thrilled about the results. 13/14 mordim got realistic spots, the top 20 contains 8 mordim plus Feiglin, and only 7 lefties (including Netanyahu).

    Bibi did a great Lavan impersonation (changing the rules to suit himself), and Hashem paid him back in kind. In head-to-heads between Feiglin and Netanyahu's preferred candidates, Feiglin won in Jerusalem, Yesha, Gush Dan and youth. Bibi's only success was in the olim, where he managed to stack the odds impossibly in his own favor.

    All in all this was a resounding success for Feiglin, both personally for getting spot no 20 and all but guaranteeing that he will be an MK on Feb 11, and for demonstrating the voting power of his supporter base.

    Hodu laShem ki tov!


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