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Dec 3, 2008

A cool Hannuka gift

Hannuka gelt in the New York Times? A cool gift...


  1. B"H

    Rafi, I will be most happy to receive such a gift from you on Hanukkah, or any other occasion.

    Although, I was really hoping for an IPod so that I could listen to shi'urim while tremping.

    Any rich Americans out there reading your blog thinking about throwing their old ones away?

  2. Sabra, you're generalization may be correct, and I may be annoyed with such individuals, many {not all} of whom live in their own little English speaking worlds of Efrat or Neve Daniel, and think that not having money means you have to go to the Kaspomat,....but,...you're not correct 100 percent.

    I'm proof of that.

  3. hehe i was kidding yo. cracks me up (sometimes frustrating, that) these israelis think that every one of us americans are filthy rich.


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