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Dec 16, 2008

President Bush annual Hanukka event (video)

Despite all the entertaining moments President Bush has provided on a regular basis over the past 8 years, there has never before been a president who has been so publicly friendly and warm to the Jewish people.
President Bush hosted his annual Hanukkah event in the White House yesterday. Even though it is not Hanukka yet, I do not think there is any greater manifestation of pirsumei nisa than lighting the menora in a public ceremony in the White House with the President of the United States.

At this years event, Bush honored the grandsons of President Truman and Prime Minister Ben Gurion with lighting the Truman Menora that had been presented by Ben Gurion to Truman after Truman recognized the State of Israel.

I was duly impressed with Ben Gurion's grandson who, when making the bracha upon the lighting of the menora, knew to not use Hashem's name because it is not yet Hanukka.

The Kol Zimra choir provided the musical entertainment again, and did a fabulous job!


  1. not only di he NOT use Hashem's name, he also di NOT blow out the candle but rather put it out with his finger tips.
    Intersting :)

  2. Rafi,
    the threshold is at 2 percent, last election it was at about 63000(that depends on voter turnout).


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