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Dec 4, 2008

Today we have discovered a courageous Defense Minister

Despite not having the courage to send an operation 10 minutes away from Israel to free captured soldier Gilad Shalit for the past 3 years....

Despite not having the strength or courage to defend southern Israel from the rocket attacks that happen daily from Gaza....

Despite the lawlessness reigning around the country in various forms - mafia, illegal construction, in the government itself there is plenty, and more...

Despite all that...

Our courageous and law upholding Defense Minister has proven his mettle today by upholding the law and violently throwing out a few Jews who bought a house in Hebron. Israel is a strong nation that follows the decisions of the Supreme Court. Israel will not allow people to break the law.

Thank you Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak for restoring our confidence in the integrity of the government.


  1. Well said Rafi

    Kol tuv,


  2. By doing this, the government has tipped its hand. They want to crush any idea that Israel is a "Jewish" state. As you so eloquently stated, they've demonstrated their courage (and in the process curried favor with all those who desire that there be no Israel).

  3. in any other normal country these two criminally insane traitorous pathetic cowards, would be hanging by the end of a rope,but in israel these two pieces of human garbage are made DM and PM

  4. There are many places throughout history where throwing Jews out of their homes was a good way for an unpopular public figure to gain popularity.

    Evidently Barak feels that in this pre-election period he needs to try the same tactic.

    Now if only he can get some cossaks to drum up a full fledged pogrom.....

  5. Who knew? We all misunderstood his job description. His job is to selectively uphold the law, not to defend the citizens.

    That was our mistake all along.


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